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Why High-Performance Dealers VINvertise™

Every Car is Unique

As a car dealer, you know better than anyone that no two cars are alike after you drive them off the lot. Take two Honda sedans of the same make, model, and year. After six months, one Honda has 20,000 miles on it, and the other only 3,000. One car is dinged, while the other is unscratched. One has been upgraded with a better sound system, and the other has had a belt replaced.


If a prospective buyer came to your dealership, you would ask what he or she wanted and show the car that was the best fit. If that is the case on the lot or on the showroom floor, shouldn’t the same hold true in online advertising? Yet most car dealership online advertising is at a high level, such as “Check out our Honda sedans.” That’s not very helpful when it comes to moving two very different Honda sedans off your lot.


Enter VINvertising™

VINvertising is car-specific advertising that shows the right car to the right Shopper at the right time, just as you do when someone comes to your showroom.  

VINvertising makes sure that when a car Shopper searches for a specific make, model, year, mileage, color, price, feature, etc. on a third-party site, they see the car on your lot that matches those requirements. This qualified Shopper is then directed to that car’s vehicle detail page (VDP) for more information. Once on the VDP, the Shopper is a significant step closer to buying the car at your dealership.


VINvertising™ Is A New Word, But Not A New Idea

VINvertising isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for decades. There were plenty of print ads in newspapers decades ago that were VINvertisements (in fact, there still are today). They read something like, “1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature, 35,000 miles, runs like brand new, $9,995. Check it out!” If the reader was interested in that specific car, they’d come to the dealership. Similarly, these VIN specific ads created a method for the dealer to feature cars that otherwise weren’t gaining interest organically.


For a long time, online marketing wasn’t granular enough to match specific cars with specific people. But today, the technology exists to do exactly that. And – this is key – today’s Car Shoppers expect it. They have an ideal car in mind, and they want to immediately find options that fit. They don’t want to wade through dozens or hundreds of search results that aren’t even close to what they are looking for.


VINvertising™ Brings Qualified Buyers To You

Through VINvertising, you can advertise in a way that truly meets Car Shoppers’ needs. Each Shopper wants a car – a very specific car. You can deliver that information instantly, and, by the way, entice Shoppers with vehicles that are getting little attention on their own. By making it easy for Shoppers to find what they want, you make it easy for Shoppers to find you and your VINs.