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What The Warriors-Thunder Game & Steph Curry Can Teach Us About Automotive Digital Advertising

This past Saturday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder was an epic battle, one for the ages. In case you missed it, I’ll summarize: with 6 seconds left in the OVERTIME of an already heart-stopping game, when the Warriors and the Thunder were tied 118-118, Steph Curry launches the game-winning basket from 32 FEET OUT. That’s farther away than downtown. That’s all the way over in Egypt. That’s ridiculous, is what it is.

While people are arguing over whether Steph Curry is the best-ever shooter the game has ever seen, or obsessing over whether he could have been neutralized by the older generation playing “legitimate” perimeter defense, I am focused on the true lesson of the game: Golden State only led for 29 seconds out of 53 minutes, yet they won 121-118. It drives home the points that - in a close game against a worthy competitor - 1) you have to keep scoring; and 2) it’s the last basket that counts.

Similarly, in the game of digital automotive, it’s “scoring” along the auto Shopper’s journey and the last VDP view that counts. Google tells us that the path to purchase in the automotive space is lengthy, with the majority of Shoppers taking several months to go from decision to action and using an average of 24 online sources to inform their decision. Cobalt tells us that “if they view the highlights, you’ll view the taillights,” establishing in their report that the VDP view and time spent on VDPs are 2 of the top 4 sales predictors.

As an automotive digital marketer, the game is to make sure your dealership keeps “scoring” - in other words, making sure you’re covered in all of the 24 places that your potential auto Shopper is visiting throughout their journey, all the way up until the last “basket” - or VDP view - that takes place on your dealership’s website. If you’re not doing this, you can be sure that your worthy competitors are.

So what’s the strategy? If you have all the money in the world, you don’t need one. Just advertise as far and wide as you can. Hire Steph Curry to sign autographs for all your VDP visitors if you want.

But if, on the other hand, you need to maximize your advertising dollars and eliminate waste, find a partner with broad reach across the many touchpoints along the auto Shopper’s digital journey and use them to drive low-funnel Shoppers - the ones declaring make, model, and zip code - to your dealership’s VDPs. That’s how dealers can win the game.