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As the shift toward more sophisticated digital marketing gathers steam, so does the importance of accurate, thorough attribution.

Year_of_Attribution_Hub.pngAutoHook President David Metter knows automotive. So, when his latest blog post predicts 2017 is going to be “THE YEAR OF ATTRIBUTION,” automotive marketers listen.


As David explains, automotive marketers are finally waking up to the critical importance of attribution and, more importantly, the associated consequences of a lack of accurate attribution. They’re also beginning to realize how few vendors actually provide those accurate sales attribution metrics.


It’s a topic we’re quite familiar with at LotLinx. As we discussed in a recent post, the lack of proper attribution makes it extremely challenging to identify and decrease wasted ad spending. The more accurately you can track your marketing efforts, the more clearly you can see where you’re wasting money, and the better able you’ll be to grab new opportunities.

Because we believe firmly in the importance of attribution, we’ve developed a range of free tools, resources, and reporting that enable you to increase transparency, identify waste, and  boost effectiveness. Our Google Analytics reports, the VIN View Optimizer™, and our team of experts are just a few examples.


As you’ll learn in David’s post, if you’re a digital marketer, holding vendors accountable for connecting attribution to sales should be a top priority. David feels LotLinx offers that important accountability. As he explains, “LotLinx for example, is a company that does a great job tracking conversions on your site, as well as how many of those customers took action or visited your showroom.”

Request your free VIN View Analysis for a crucial view into exactly what your digital advertising spend is doing for your inventory sales. And get ready for your own year of attribution.


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