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Spotlight the VINs that need attention with the VIN View Optimizer™.

Spotlight_Hub.pngWhen you know which cars in your inventory are receiving enough VDP views to turn on time, and which are in need of additional attention, you can focus your ad spend where it can do the most good. Only the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ surfaces that vital information for every new, used, and CPO car on your lot.


Third-party providers don’t offer anything close to this amount of detail. It’s an unprecedented level of precision that’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This video gives you a closer look at exactly what the VIN View Optimizer™ can do.


The VIN View Optimizer™ pulls in data from direct views, organic search, and SEM. You can also choose to incorporate your third-party data from vAuto.


You’ll see exactly how many views each VIN is receiving, and from which traffic sources. This  means you’ll know exactly which VINs are already receiving the 30 VDP views widely recognized as necessary to turn on time. Now you can reallocate your budget to those that aren’t generating the traffic they need.


The VIN View Optimizer™ also highlights how long each car has been in your inventory. When you know which cars have already received more than 30 views, and have been on the lot more than 90 days, you can develop targeted campaigns to get them moving.

You can access the VIN View Optimizer™ for free, and run your own report. Or, if you prefer, a LotLinx Digital Strategist will run a report and analyze the results for you. No matter which you choose, there’s no cost to you.

If you’re not utilizing this vital tool, you’re operating without the detailed data that can help you sell more cars, faster than ever before.