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Traffic quantity is one thing. But traffic quality is everything.

Most dealers already know how to utilize Google Analytics to measure the number of VDP views their sites are receiving. And understanding quantity is definitely important. But gaining insight into quality can be even more valuable. Google Analytics Goals and event tracking can be the key to making the very most of every marketing dollar.

As David Salinas, VP of Business Analytics at LotLinx explains, “It’s very easy to get lost in all of the data, when all you want is a quick answer to, ‘are people engaging on my site in the way that I want them to?’”

With the right technology integrated into your Google Analytics dashboard, you can learn exactly how people are engaging, because you’ll have the nine measurements that can give you a precise and actionable understanding of the quality of the traffic you’re receiving.

There are nine measurements of traffic quality that can help you understand immediately what’s working, and what needs work:

  1. Sessions
  2. Users
  3. Average Session Duration
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Total Sessions by Source
  6. Total VDPs by Source
  7. Device Type
  8. Top Pages viewed
  9. Top Cities

Customizing your Google Analytics dashboard to maximize insights is surprisingly simple.

The LotLinx VINvertising™ Dashboard can unlock these powerful measurements, and put a spotlight on your site traffic, so, you can optimize your efforts and eliminate wasted spend.

Our VINvertising™ dashboard is absolutely free. You can take a moment to install it yourself,  or give us a call at             800-625-5469, and we’ll walk you through it.