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Create a unique, VIN-specific strategy to meet each of your goals.

You may already know that VIN-specific marketing can be a powerful tool for moving specific cars off your lot. But have you ever considered employing multiple, distinct strategies to meet multiple goals?

Many dealerships are having impressive success with detailed VIN-based strategies that focus on merchandising specific cars in order to meet individual, specific objectives.

A general manager might have one strategy, while his new car sales manager is working with  another. The used car sales manager could have yet a third. While each strategy is unique, and has a distinct goal, they’re all rooted in VIN-specific marketing.

We’ve seen  a wave of smart VIN-based strategies that have been producing impressive results. Here are three that can all can be implemented at the same dealership.

  1. Focus on VINs that have been on the lot longer, (over 90 days) and are reaching the end of their OEM financing.
  2. Connect price-drop recommendations from the VAuto merchandising platform to specific VINs, and create custom campaigns to get them moving.
  3. Target inventory with manufacturer’s incentives to maximize incentive income.

Smart spending requires thorough, accurate data at all steps of the merchandising process. The LotLinx VIN View Optimizer can analyze your current internet traffic for each VIN you select, and provide a clear picture of what’s driving VDP views, and what’s wasted spending.

How does that level of precision apply to the three strategies we just described? The VIN View Optimizer™ enables you to:

  1. Focus on days on lot for a specific time period, so you know which VINs need more attention to move before their financing expires.
  2. Focus on VINs you’re planning to discount, so you can make ongoing adjustments to ensure they’re getting the traffic they need to turn.
  3. Focus on incentivized vehicles to make sure they get the traffic they need to move, and you get every dollar of the incentives being offered.

The VIN View Optimizer™ truly brings you the big picture. You’ll see data on direct views, organic search, and SEM. You can even incorporate your Autotrader and cars.com data, so you can understand how many VDPs the VINs you want to target are actually getting from all sources. You can run your own VIN View Optimizer™ report right now, at no charge.

When you combine VIN-specific strategies with the precision and transparency the VIN View Optimizer™ provides, you can develop and execute successful campaigns for each of your goals quickly and easily.