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Car shoppers are doing their homework. Are you?

To say the way consumers shop for cars has changed is a vast understatement. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, the average U.S. car shopper now spends 11 hours online in their search, and only 3.5 hours offline.

This revolution encompasses much more than browsing behavior. Now that car shoppers can easily access pricing, reviews, and almost any other type of relevant information, their attitudes toward negotiating, sales reps, and every other part of the process have also evolved.


One important change the availability of information has brought about is that, by the time a shopper is ready to interact with a dealer, they typically know what they want, and are nearing a purchase decision. In this transformed world, if you’re not utilizing a VIN-specific digital strategy, you’re simply wasting money. (And, because we know that an enormous percentage of digital ad spend is wasted, you certainly wouldn’t be alone.)


It all comes down to shifting VDP views to the right places. Our study of over 300 dealers showed that 25% of the cars are getting almost 89% of VDP views. Which means the other 75% are being ignored, and a significant amount of money is being wasted.


A LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ report can bring much needed precision to your digital strategy. This free report details which cars in your inventory are receiving the views they need to turn on time, and which need additional attention. So you can focus your spending where it can have the most impact. You can receive your free VIN View Optimizer™ report right now.