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Digital is driving auto sales, and the data in our new report tell the story: VDP view distribution is more vital than you might think.

As automotive marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated, the momentum is definitely behind digital. Dealers are finding the increased precision digital offers can drive sales more effectively and more efficiently than traditional media. They’ve also gained a deeper understanding of the impact VDP views can have on those sales.


Our new report on VDP view distribution has many in the automotive marketing industry talking. A recent article in Website Magazine highlights several of the report’s important findings, and discusses how the VIN View Optimizer™ provides crucial visibility into VDP view distribution.


As LotLinx founder Len Short explains in the article, “Dealers clearly know the value of VDP views in driving sales, but they have not had visibility into the distribution of VDP views, until now.”



Take a moment to read the full article, and grab your own copy of the report.