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Without Event Tracking, you’re only seeing part of the story.

Google Analytics is a great way to understand which pages on your site shoppers are visiting. But to understand what they’re actually doing on those pages, you need Event Tracking.

When you know exactly what visitors are doing on your site, you can optimize your digital advertising budget, and direct that money where it can have the most impact. And with a full 60% of spending being wasted, no discipline is more crucial for today’s marketer.

This video provides a vivid illustration of how much information you’re missing out on if you’re not using event tracking. It’s the story of “Bob” the car shopper, and it’s truly a cautionary tale.

What Bob actually did during and after his visit to a dealership’s website, and what the dealership’s marketing manager learns about the visit without employing Event Tracking, are two very different things. Without Event Tracking, what looked like a thirty-second glance at the home page, was actually a three-minute visit to a VDP that resulted in a sale.

Event tracking enables you to measure these six vital VDP events:

  1. Picture viewing
  2. Scrolling
  3. Clicking on third-party widgets
  4. Video watching
  5. Spending more than thirty seconds on a page
  6. Click to text interaction

Because implementation of Event Tracking requires some fairly advanced skills, many dealers stick with the basic Google Analytics dashboard, and miss out on much of the most valuable data. Taking the time to have an expert set up your dashboard to incorporate Event Tracking data is definitely worthwhile. You may want to consider hiring or contracting with a digital marketing expert for your dealership, or enrolling in a Google Analytics seminar. Alternatively, a LotLinx digital strategist can add Event Tracking to your dashboard, at no cost to you.

Contact us to arrange for an expert digital strategist to install Event Tracking in your Google Analytics dashboard today. You’ll be amazed how much you’ve been missing.