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As growth slows for Twitter, smart marketers are looking to spread their social media efforts around.

Twitter_Growth_Hub.pngHere’s something Twitter might not tweet about: eMarketer has significantly downgraded its projections for Twitter, stemming from the social media company’s nearly stagnant Q2 growth.  


The forecast includes an addition of just 3.6 million Twitter users by 2020, instead of the 13.9 million previously forecast. That’s a 75% dip.


What’s behind the downturn? When it comes to social media, users like new options. Snapchat and Instagram are grabbing plenty of Twitter users.

Facebook is both Twitter’s archrival, and the owner of Instagram. With these two channels now playing on the same team, it follows that Twitter might struggle to keep up.


Facebook continues to lead the social media pack. As we discussed in a previous post, the platform is still tops in digital audience penetration and engagement. The company’s growth is predicted to remain impressive through 2020.


What do these dynamics mean for marketers? Effective optimization of your social media strategies should begin with heavying up on Facebook campaigns. LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook is a great way to reach car shoppers where they already are, and see a high return from a relatively low initial investment.


While growth is slowing, Twitter is still expanding in very small increments, By the end of this year, 52.2 million people in the US will access their Twitter accounts at least once a month. That's a 2.0% increase over last year. Which means the platform shouldn’t be removed from your overall strategy. But smart dealers are looking to expand social media efforts to focus on other, more promising channels.


To learn how LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook could make your dealership’s social media strategy more effective, call us at 800-625-5469.