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How Siloed Is Your Ad Spend?

When it comes to ad spending, we all want to be as smart and efficient as possible. A dollar wasted is a dollar...wasted.

To limit that waste, it’s important to take a look at the bigger picture. Your overall media plan - across all screens, - TV, digital, and mobile - is a crucial indicator of how efficient your spending really is.

A new Tube Mogul white paper, summarized by Media Post, shows that anywhere from 20% to a whopping 50% of that media spending may be wasted. Because, if marketers aren’t using technology to build their plans, they inevitably end up looking at a bunch of little pictures, instead of the big, important one. And that means “siloed” spending.

Using software to think algorithmically and plan across screens is a key to more efficient spending. When you ensure every element of your plan is optimized to work as hard as possible, you’ll get more from every dollar.

A look at the full article will give you a clearer idea of the value of big-picture thinking. (Or, perhaps more accurately, multi-picture thinking.)

And, to reveal where your ad spending can have the most impact, be sure to get your free VIN View Optimizer report. In just minutes, you’ll see exactly where you should be focusing your efforts to get more from every dollar.