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Reach your new car sales objectives with VIN-specific campaigns.

If you’re a franchise dealer, you’re familiar with the problem: the monthly “new car” sales objective from the OEM. Typically, manufacturers want their dealers to sell at least one additional new car each month than they sold in the same month the previous year. Month after month, it can seem like a daunting task. But VIN-specific advertising campaigns are a powerful tool that can help you meet - and even exceed - those goals, while maximizing incentives.

According to Kim, to  put VIN-specific strategies to work for you, you’ll first want to determine the cars in your inventory that:

  • Are most likely to sell.
  • Will pay your dealership the most incentive dollars at the end of the month.
  • Will help you meet those monthly objectives.

Once you’ve identified the inventory that meets all three criteria, you can merchandise that inventory using LotLinx VIN-specific campaigns, and watch your sales pick up speed.

VIN-specific strategies can turn OEM goals from a burden to a boon. Take it from Kim Clouse, sales manager of Carl Cannon Chevrolet. Since implementing LotLinx, they’ve boosted sales velocity by 100%, while substantially reducing digital marketing costs. Kim will be sharing the details of their success at our upcoming webinar. Join us this Wednesday, July 20, at 10:00 AM CT, to learn how Carl Cannon Chevrolet is utilizing targeted VDP views to move incentivized inventory and meet OEM objectives.

Kim is a veteran of automotive internet process and sales, with more than two decades of experience. He’s been involved with design and implementation of many products developed specifically for the automotive industry, where customer service, retention, and dealer reputation are critical. He’s committed to helping other dealers succeed, and enthusiastic about sharing the specifics of his successful strategies.

During the webinar, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and discuss strategies with other dealers in real time. It’s a valuable opportunity you won’t want to miss, so register today. And, if your schedule doesn’t allow, be sure to register anyway, so you can watch the recorded version of the webinar at your convenience.