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SPECIAL REPORT: Dealers Are Sending 89% of VDP Views To 25% of Their VINs

Are dealers doing a good job distributing VDP views to every VIN on their lot? We wanted to find out, so we conducted a study of the VDP views of 300+ dealers in Q1 2016 .

The answer, unfortunately, is “no.” According to the data, 25% of the cars are getting almost 89% of the views. This means that the other 75% of the VINs are fighting over the “scraps.’


VDP View Distribution for Q1’16:

VDP Views Distribution for Q1’16


VDP View Distribution by Source:

VDP View Distribution by Source


Direct and SEO are the building blocks of a dealer’s traffic - they represent the dealer’s natural sources of strength, and as such, are considered Job #1 by many dealers. However, Direct & SEO traffic aren’t evenly distributed across every VIN on the lot. For that reason, dealers wisely augment their Direct & SEO traffic efforts with paid digital advertising, such as with SEM.


What’s happening, however, is that SEM traffic is effectively doubling down on the same cars that are already getting online attention from Direct and SEO. Talk about a wasted opportunity - and a waste of money.


If you’d like to compare the findings of this report to your own dealership’s VIN View Distribution, use our free VIN-View Optimizer™ tool today. We love to help dealers shine a light on their digital ROI.

Click here to download the full report on Q1’16 VDP View Distribution.