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How Micro-Moments Can Help Dealers Become Better Advertisers

For most of the past decade, advertising has generally involved targeting consumers with ad placement. It’s pretty typical for dealers considering an ad campaign to have their first question be, “Where are my ads going to appear?” Following Google’s discovery of the micro-moment, however, dealer advertisers need to focus less on where to place an ad and more on when the ad should be served.  

There are specific moments in the buyer’s journey, or micro-moments, when a shopper is most likely to be reaching a purchase decision. This is when they are most receptive to relevant ads, and likely to convert. Micro-moments can be used to improve strategy by creating more specific campaigns. Instead of investing a major portion of budget towards individual car listings sites (where), consider launching campaigns that focus on specific moments in the buyer’s journey (when).

LotLinx’s technology is able to detect the exact moment when a car shopper should be served an ad. There are three different levels of audience targeting layered together to determine which users are browsing and which are shopping for a vehicle based on select behaviors. By studying these behaviors (declarations of year, make, and model), we can target shoppers in the right moments.

Alternately, if the micro-moment isn’t right, no ad is served. By being precise about when ads are served, LotLinx is able to drive higher-quality traffic for dealers. Our LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook, for example, sees a 98% goal completion rate on dealers’ VDPs, vs. the 9.8% that Facebook targeting alone provides.  

Campaigns that use micro-moments will better reach online car shoppers. For more insight and information about micro-moments, read 5 Ways to Find the Micro-Moments Your Brand Can Win from Think With Google.