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Oxmoor Auto Group Sees Great Results With VIN-Specific Marketing.

Chip Alvey, Director of Digital Marketing for Oxmoor Auto Group, is obviously a smart guy. Throughout his long adventure in automotive digital marketing, he’s seen internet technology evolve. He’s got a good eye for what works, and what’s just a waste of ad spend.

Chip understood early on that driving shoppers directly to his website, and specifically to his VDPs, was the most effective way to move cars. His early embrace of VIN-specific marketing strategies has achieved exceptional results.

Oxmoor is now selling cars 25% faster. Additionally, in April, 2016 alone, VDP views soared to 638, saved days on lot climbed to 395, and holding cost savings reached $7,074. We’re talking about real money here.

Chip appreciates the precision and efficiency VIN-specific technology provides over SEM. “SEM is a sledgehammer in a world that’s more and more precise. By focusing on the VINs that we know need additional attention, I can focus my spend where I’m going to get the highest ROI.”

Chip found that  the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ helps make more informed media decisions that improves  his days-on-lot target. And, he plans to dive into Deeplinking for Facebook™, anticipating it can help him reduce CPC costs significantly.

Clearly, Chip knows what he’s doing. And, he has a lot more insight and advice to share. Be like Chip. Check out the full Oxmoor case study. Then, check out more case studies.