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The power of Deeplinking™ and VIN-specific campaigns is boosting sales at Lundgren Honda.

Mike Meyer, Digital Marketing Director at Lundgren Honda in Massachusetts, is a true automotive marketing insider. A former salesperson for Autotrader, Mike has been at the forefront of the industry for years.

He’s long understood how important VDP views are to boosting sales. So when he was introduced to LotLinx, Mike knew he’d found the resource he’d been hoping for. “LotLinx is a tool the dealers should have invented 20 years ago,” he says.

Mike sees Deeplinking™ as one of the most valuable tools LotLinx offers, because it enables him to isolate potential buyers from the competition. “Working with LotLinx…” Mike explains, “I’m not fighting the competition [for the same exact leads]. My vehicle, my inventory is served up to the customer, and they come directly to me.”

Since signing on with LotLinx, the dealership has seen impressive results. In May of 2016 alone, their investment of $1,923 yielded 482 unique shoppers and 526 VDP views. They saw a 77% increase in sales, paid just $3.66 per VDP view, and saved $11,844 in holding costs.

Mike lists three key advantages of working with LotLinx: direct links between potential buyers and VDPs; precision control over which cars receive support; and a true partnership with a company that was created specifically to serve dealers.

For more details about how LotLinx is working for Lundgren Honda, download the full case study.

Lundgren Honda is one of over 1,500 dealers across the country who are spending less and selling more with LotLinx. You can learn more about them here.