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For New York’s automotive megacenter, boosting VDP views has been transformative.

Firas_Hub.pngFew things make us happier than learning how LotLinx is boosting sales for one of our valued clients. The latest addition to our library of success stories focuses on Driver’s Village, New York’s only automotive megacenter.


Firas Makhlouf, Chief Information Officer at Driver’s Village, understands that driving low-funnel shoppers straight to VDP pages results in significantly faster sales velocity. As he puts it, “When LotLinx sends a shopper to me, I know that person is in the lower part of that funnel. He’s seven to 10 days away from buying.”


Firas recently incorporated Google Analytics reporting into his LotLinx strategy, and has quickly seen the value of understanding the quality of traffic, rather than just the quantity. He’s already a firm believer in the power of proper GA reporting, and sees it as a key ingredient in an effective digital advertising strategy.


Of course, the numbers tell the full story of Firas’ LotLinx experience. In just one month, Driver’s Village experienced a 67% increase in sales velocity, and saved more than $20,000 in holding costs. For Firas, one of the biggest benefits LotLinx offers is the ability to move shoppers to his own site, where he can more effectively convert them to buyers. 


“Other vendors that I’ve used — they keep shopping traffic on their site 99% of the time,” Firas explains. “Only maybe 1% to 5% of the time do they send that traffic to my site.”

To learn more about the impact of driving purchase-ready shoppers right to your dealership’s VDP pages, and how you can put LotLinx to work for you, download the full case study.