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LotLinx Founder, Len Short talks about Facebook vs Google

Both Facebook and Google have posted impressive earnings reports for 2015 advertising revenue, and the race to be in first place is tight between the two. It seems neither company is comfortable being second-best, which ends up being beneficial to advertisers who make purchase decisions based on cost/benefit of the provider.

In light of this, Google made some major changes in hopes of staying financially ahead of Facebook in terms of advertising revenue. With the removal of all paid ads from the right-rail, they were able to increase the price point for AdWords positioning. Now, if dealers want to stay relevant on Google SERPs, they’ll have to pay up.

This is why LotLinx Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Len Short wanted to develop Deeplinking™ technology for Facebook advertising - to give dealers back control of their budgets by providing an alternative to AdWords.

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