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Consumers can be lazy. And that might be a good thing.

It’s human nature. When we leave work for the day, we’re ready for a break. And that means we tend to become a bit lazy. As this blog post from DrivingSales explains, that laziness extends to the amount of effort consumers are willing to put into their car searches.

But there’s an upside to the lackadaisical shopper: the easier the process is for them, the better your chance for a sale. Robust mobile capabilities, easy communication, streamlined interactions, and sales-to-service relationships are just a few of the strategies that can lead to a painless process and a loyal customer

We know that the attention span of most online shoppers has shrunk to just eight seconds. Additionally, one out of every five minutes spent online involves social media. So it follows that finding and communicating with shoppers in the online locations they frequent - like Facebook - is an effective way to grab some of that screen time. LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook enables you to guide low-funnel car shoppers directly to your VDPs, without lead forms or middlemen. And that means it’s easier than ever for consumers  to make the transition from shopper to buyer.

Executing strategies that will make life - and car buying - easier for the tuckered-out consumer can do more than just boost your sales. It can turn a cranky car shopper into a loyal, lifelong customer.