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It’s time to make room for the 2017s, and make plenty of money at the same time.

Car shoppers know, the best time of the year to buy a car is fast approaching. Labor Day is right around the corner, and, as this MarketWatch article explains, bargain hunters are getting ready to head to their computers in droves. That means dealers are faced with a great opportunity to move a lot of inventory, very quickly.

To ramp up your sales velocity as much as possible, consider developing VIN-specific campaigns for the remaining 2016 models in your inventory - especially those you’ll be discounting. It’s an effective way to put the exact car a shopper is looking for right in front of them, right when they’re nearing a purchase decision.

The key to matching your remaining 2016 inventory with all of those Labor Day bargain hunters lies in efficient, precise strategies. With comprehensive data from the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™, you’ll have the information you need to build those strategies, and implement customized VINvertising™ campaigns that put those cars in front of the shoppers who are looking for them. You’ll boost profits, save on holding costs, and make sure you have plenty of room for those shiny new 2017s.

So take a moment to run your free VIN View Optimizer™ report, right now. It’s the fast, simple way to gather up data to move your 2016 models. And create targeted strategies to get them in front of those smart, savvy car shoppers who know just what they’re looking for.