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Inefficient VIN views are eating dealer’s marketing budgets.

Jason_on_CBT_Hub.pngThe way consumers shop for cars is changing rapidly. The bulk of the process now takes place online, not on the lot. Is your digital strategy keeping up?


Many dealers are drawing shoppers to VINs that are already receiving plenty of attention, leaving under-engaged inventory to languish, and wasting plenty of money in the process.


Our new 1H 2016 VDP View Report takes a deep dive into the data, and reveals what’s really happening with dealers’ ad budgets. It’s the first report to analyze the impact of VDP view distribution, and reveals that, in the time period studied, a staggering 72% of VDP views went to just 25% of cars. Importantly, the report concludes that the optimum pace to generate a sale is 30 views in 30 days.


LotLinx COO and Co-Founder Jason Knight has an impressive track record in the automotive and digital industries, and offers additional insight in this interview with respected industry information source CBT News. In the video, Jason elaborates on the intricacies of VDP view distribution, and the findings of the new report.


The insights in the report are an important wake-up call for automotive marketers. After viewing the video, you’ll want to learn how efficient your own VDP view distribution is. The LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ can analyze your inventory and reveal the data, so you can target your spending where it’s most needed.

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