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The Power Of Hyper-Targeted Facebook Audiences For Dealers

When trying to decide on a Facebook strategy, it is important for dealers to make sure they are targeting the right people with their ads, and Facebook makes it incredibly easy for dealers or their agencies to pick a “custom audience” that will align with the dealership’s assumed target market. Though choosing custom audiences based off of Facebook’s data is a great start to creating more powerful campaigns, it is possible to take it even further - and this is where LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook comes into play.

In order to make sure our dealer’s ads are served to the audience that is most-likely to convert, LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook uses a proprietary blend of three major databases:

  1. The LotLinx automotive network’s data: These are people who have searched for a car on one of our partner automotive search sites.
  2. The dealer’s website data: These are people who have visited the dealer’s website before and searched for a car.
  3. Facebook’s Polk data: These are people who Facebook data indicate are interested in purchasing a car.

Our technology is able to cross-reference all three databases to pull an extremely specific group of low-funnel (reaching a purchase decision) car shoppers on Facebook to present the dealer’s ads. Only when all 3 sources of data indicate the user is a car shopper is an ad served, which results in a hyper-targeted audience for each dealer. In fact, no two dealers will have the same audience.

In addition to improving performance by serving ads only to those who fit into our criteria, LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook also dynamically serves VIN-specific ads that Deeplink directly to the dealer’s VDPs. This results in much higher VDP conversions (our April data showed that LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook customers enjoyed VDP goal completion rates 10x those of Facebook targeting alone).

This technology for optimizing Facebook advertising is exclusively available from LotLinx - no other company can do what we do for our dealers on Facebook. If you’d like to learn more, contact us directly or post a comment below.