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Stop relying on holiday sales, and start implementing smart, year-round digital strategies.

Derrick_Wood_Hub.pngOur next Power to the Dealer webinar is scheduled for tomorrow, 9/29 - and you’ll want to make sure it’s on your calendar.


The webinar will feature Derrick Wood, Executive Account Manager at Abstrakt Marketing. Derrick has logged over 20 years in auto sales, and he’s ready to share his proprietary best practices for digital marketing success.


Derrick will focus on unpredictable holiday sales. It’s an issue we’ve been discussing throughout the 2016 summer sales season, which was surprisingly sluggish.

He’ll discuss strategies proven to eliminate the need to rely on special occasions to drive activity, and share lessons he’s learned over the years, so you can gain from his experience. Derrick will also discuss the value of working with an expert digital strategist, rather than going it alone.


Like so many of us, Derrick’s time in the car business began in sales. He quickly moved through the management ranks, holding positions in finance, new and used cars, and more. His current leadership position at Abstrakt Marketing enables him to serve multiple dealerships. At Abstrakt, Derek oversees expansive marketing budgets and strategic planning processes to generate the traffic his clients need. He’s committed to helping dealers grow, and his expertise encompasses all types of traditional and new media.


Register for this vital webinar today. If you can’t make it, be sure to register anyway, and watch the recording at your convenience.