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Google Maps is undergoing a major transformation. Here’s why you should care, and how you can make the evolution work to your advantage.

Boost_Hub.pngGoogle releases updates constantly - and with good reason. They’re on a seemingly endless quest to optimize the user experience.


We’ve frequently discussed the ongoing changes to Google’s paid search. While those modifications may improve the user experience, they’re not always beneficial to advertisers.


Currently, Google Maps is the target of a major rejuvenation, with a shift in emphasis to businesses that fulfill the requirements of their algorithm. A new blog post by our friends at L2 Media breaks down those requirements, and offers some tips that can help dealers enhance their Google Maps rankings. Their suggestions include incorporating high-quality, branded photos, and leveraging user-generated content. While their advice specifically applies to retail, similar concepts apply to auto dealers.


Voice search is another rising technology that’s having a substantial impact on SEO. Because consumers find it especially useful for location-based searches, boosting your Google Maps rankings is clearly a vital ingredient of an effective digital marketing strategy.


When it comes to Google, we can count on two things: it’s always changing, and there’s no more important marketing tool. Which means keeping up is vital.


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