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Are you equipped to make the most of the coming car-buying boom?

Millennials aren’t big on car ownership. They tend to prefer carsharing, ridesharing, and public transit. But Generation Z is coming up right behind them, and they have a decidedly different outlook on getting behind their own wheels.

As this Autoblog post explains, a full 92% of Generation Z plans to own a car. This cohort is reaching that all-important milestone: the age when they’re able to get a driver’s license. The first batch of them will be ready to buy cars this summer. (Thanks, in many cases, to mom and dad’s help.)

“The best news from this research is that auto sales are not going to take a hit because of this generation. In fact, it may prove to be quite the opposite. Their love for cars and driving is very much alive." -Autoblog

With a fresh new generation of car buyers on the horizon, you can anticipate a hefty boost in sales. But only if your ads can reach these very tech-savvy shoppers.

Generation Z has never known a world without a high-speed internet connection. Social media has been a regular part of their daily lives ever since they can remember. As this chart from Social Times shows, Facebook is still their platform of choice. Which means a smart Facebook advertising strategy is your most effective tool for targeting Gen Z car shoppers.

That strategy starts with VIN-specific advertising. There are two innovative tools can help you develop VIN-specific campaigns for the models that have features the next generation of car shoppers is looking for - safety, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook serves VIN-specific ads to users who have demonstrated shopper intent, and brings them directly to your VDPs. The LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ helps you determine which cars in your inventory aren’t getting the views they need to turn on time, so you can reallocate your ad spend to get them moving.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of an entire new generation of car buyers. Meet them where they are, and bring them straight to your VDPs. To learn more, schedule a LotLinx demo today.