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The Fast 50 Know How To Move Cars. And They’re Talking.

Looking for ways to turbocharge turn and send profits skyward? Then you’ll want to know how some of the most successful dealerships in the country are doing just that.

In a free new e-book, How Savvy Auto Dealers Are Using Their VIN VIews to Drive Increased Turn and Profitability, the most successful dealers in the country are spilling their secrets.

We call them the Fast 50. They’re the top 50 dealers nationwide, ranked by inventory turn rate. And these guys know how to move cars off their lots.

They understand that the real key to igniting sales is VDP views. Industry research has shown  it takes 30 view for a VIN to sell on time. Getting those views to the VDPs that need it most, in the right timeframe, is the tricky part.

The Fast 50 is focused on the importance of boosting VDP views with VIN-specific campaigns supporting the cars that need it most. They’re using the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer to learn which cars are getting enough attention to turn on time, and which need help. Then, they’re adjusting spending to target those VINs specifically.

Along with VDP views, the Fast 50 also knows the importance of understanding how effective your marketing efforts really are. They turn to advanced analytics in the Google Analytics dashboard to get a full picture of what’s working, and where they can improve. (Check out our step-by-step guide to making the most of Google Analytics.)

Create your free VIN View Optimizer report and get up close and personal with the VINs that need your ad spend attention. And, download  your copy of our free e-book.