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Facebook’s profits are up. Its user base is growing. And they want cars.

The juggernaut that is Facebook continues to soar. Last week, the company announced its Q2 earnings, and they were impressive, to say the least. According to the New York Times, sales totaled $6.44 billion for the quarter. Ad revenue climbed 63%, total revenue was up 59%, and earnings per share increased a whopping 184%.

"Our community and business had another good quarter," -Mark Zuckerberg

The dynamics behind the rise include strong mobile ad sales, and continued growth of their user base, which now numbers 1.71 billion monthly active users. A large chunk of those users are members of Generation Z, the group that’s never known life without high-speed internet, and spends more time on Facebook than anyone else.

As they reach the age where they can obtain driver’s licenses, Gen Zers say they’re much more likely to buy a car than Gen Xers, who tend to prefer car sharing and public transportation. And that means a smart Facebook strategy is key to unlocking Generation Z’s potential.

Facebook has obviously done many things right. But their advertising strategy of only showing users ads they’re actually interested is clearly one of their smartest efforts. Regardless of age, consumers aren’t interested in doing more work than absolutely necessary before making a purchase decision. (Some might even say they’re lazy.) So, meeting them where they already are - on social media - is a logical path to higher conversion rates.

LotLinx Deeplinking™ for Facebook is an effective way to connect with shoppers who are looking for the exact cars you have in your current inventory. This proprietary technology enables you to take advantage of that inherent consumer laziness, while minimizing waste by not spending on ads that reach disinterested shoppers.  

Simply priced on a  per VIN basis (say $15), LotLinx Deeplinking™ is an efficient, effective way to drive a burst of activity from Facebook directly to your VDPs. To learn more about how LotLinx can help you harness the power of Facebook to increase traffic and reduce wasted media spend, call us at 800-625-5469.