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As the campaigns buy up broadcast, inventory is shrinking and prices are soaring.

A heated election season has candidates hustling to get their messages out. That means they’re snapping up broadcast inventory, leaving little for anyone else. And what is available is priced sky-high.

As our new eBook explains, the 2016 campaigns are predicted to bust through all previous spending records. Which means dealers are seeing the wisdom of shifting more of their advertising budgets to digital. But what’s the digital strategy that will make the most of that shift? Without a doubt, it’s VIN-specific campaigns that bring low-funnel shoppers directly to the VDPs of the inventory you want to move most.

The five-step plan in the ebook lays out the basics. Give it a look, and then give us a call at 800-625-5469 to learn more about how LotLinx can help you capitalize on VIN-specific digital strategies. It’s the smart way to ensure you’ll come out a winner this year - no matter who’s elected.