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What was everyone talking about at this year’s Digital Dealer? Service, ROI, and much more.

This year’s Digital Dealer 21 was filled with the industry’s biggest influencers. At the top of that list was Kevin Frye, internet auto sales pioneer and eCommerce director for the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family. Kevin thoroughly recapped the event on DealerRefresh, providing an in-depth, candid, and often hilarious perspective on the who, what, when, why, and how of this can’t-miss event. We were thrilled to merit a mention in Kevin’s posts.

When Kevin stopped by our booth, we discussed the LotLinx mission to truly empower dealers, as opposed to just selling them another product. It’s a philosophy Kevin’s very enthusiastic about. And, we appreciated his supportive words:

“(LotLinx) excels at being PARTNERS, not vendors. If you don’t know the difference, partners care about helping you to achieve your goals, while vendors do minimal effort for maximum money.”

Like Kevin, we understand that dealers are looking for more than a client/vendor relationship. Many dealers who visited the booth told us how much they value service. We frequently heard about the importance of having a single point of contact for all of their needs, and the desire for  a personal relationship with an expert who understands their business and their goals.

We also heard a lot about the importance of being able to prove digital marketing ROI. And we appreciated the opportunity to explain how LotLinx clients are able to accomplish that with thorough, accurate reporting, and, if they choose, partnerships with our experienced digital strategists.

Dealers are increasingly vocal about what they’re looking for in digital marketing partnerships. And we’re listening. If you’d like to learn more about how LotLinx can help meet your digital marketing needs by establishing a true partnership, schedule a demo with a LotLinx digital consultant.

We thank Kevin for his perspective, and look forward to seeing him at the booth next year.