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How one GM dealership boosted sales by 100%.

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There are success stories, and there are complete transformations.
As this case study explains, when Kim Clouse, sales manager of Carl Cannon Chevrolet, decided to shift his marketing focus to VDP views, he definitely started a complete transformation. One that completely re-energized the dealership’s sales and dramatically reduced his marketing spending.


Kim realized that, not only were they paying third-party vendors big money for leads - but they were the same leads everybody else was receiving. What would happen, Kim wondered, if they just cancelled all of their third-party lead generation contracts? At the very least, they’d be saving $10,000 a month. So they gave it a try. And sales….remained completely unchanged. Which means they had just been throwing that money away, month after month after month.


Not being new to digital marketing, Kim knew if he could find a way to connect with shoppers who were on their way to becoming buyers, and drive them directly to his vehicle display pages, he could minimize wasted ad spend and jump start sales. Then, a colleague told him about LotLinx.


Rather than selling the same tired leads to everybody, LotLinx detects “user declared” shoppers - those who know exactly what they’re looking for and are nearing a purchase decision. Then, we direct them straight to your VDPs, right on your website. Shoppers see the exact car they’re looking for, and you see a sale approaching.


Just a few months after implementing LotLinx, Kim’s sales took off. He saw a 200% increase in Certified Used Car sales, and a 156% increase in used car sales. Days on lot dropped by an average of 20. All of this, while substantially reducing digital marketing costs. (Costs per shopper went from $9.50 to $4.00.)


Kim’s now spending just $3,000-$4,000 per month, and seeing exceptional results. It’s half as much budget and twice as effective,” he says. “It’s just a great proposition.”


Do you know what impact - if any - your third-party vendors are having on your sales? The LotLinx Vin View Optimizer™ analyzes your inventory, and shows you exactly which cars are getting views, and where those view are coming from. You can generate your free report, right now. And schedule your own LotLinx demo, too.