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More and more dealers see old-fashioned advertising as overrated.

Print advertising has historically been an automotive marketer’s tried-and-true ally. But in the new 2016 State of Automotive Marketing report from 9clouds, dealers described print as the most overrated marketing channel. And the margin was substantial.

As our previous post explains, dealers are spreading their budgets around to take advantage of newer, more effective media options. They’re drawn to the relative affordability and increased precision of targeted digital advertising.

Advances in digital, such as tools that bring transparency and precision to digital strategies, are making that shift even more appealing. For example, the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ enables dealers to break down VDP views for individual VINs in their inventories. That insight makes it easy to determine which cars are receiving the views they need to turn on time, and which need additional attention. Dealers can then develop VIN-specific campaigns that connect with shoppers who are looking for those exact cars.

Social media has also become a boon for automotive marketers. LotLinx Deeplinking for Facebook enables dealers to hyper-target custom audiences in the space where they already spend a considerable amount of time, and give specific VINs exposure to purchase-ready shoppers. All at a lower cost than traditional Facebook advertising.

To learn more about the tools and technologies that are providing dealers with a more effective alternative to print advertising, contact a A LotLinx digital strategist at 800-625-5469.