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One Smart Dealer’s Strategy For Selling Towards His Objective: OEM Incentives

Kim Clouse is General Sales Manager and Director of Digital at Carl Cannon Chevrolet. After 20 years in automotive, Kim’s racked up a lot of accomplishment, including numerous GM Mark of Excellence awards and E-Commerce certifications from multiple OEMs. Recently, Kim had an epiphany about how he could help his dealer get closer to selling to their new car objective each month: use OEM incentive vehicles. He shared this with me, as well as his stellar results, in a recent webinar.

Here’s what Kim’s strategy looks like:

  • He selects vehicles that meet 3 criteria:
    • Are likely to sell
    • Carry attractive dealer or consumer incentives (or is core product)
    • Will count towards special OEM monthly objective (Fast Start bonus)
  • He sets up campaigns on these specific VINs using LotLinx

Here’s how Kim describes what happened:

“I thought of this strategy in April and started implementing it in mid-May. I put our incentive vehicles on LotLinx and sold all but two of them that month. We came within 1 car of meeting our May new car objective.

“In June, we exceeded our new car objective by 4 cars. And so far in July, we are on track to exceed it again.”

If you ask Kim to summarize his strategy in a nutshell, this is how he puts it, “Let’s say I have to sell 54 new cars a month. Of the 22 vehicles on my lot that are eligible for incentives, I know I can count on selling 15 to 20 of them with LotLinx. That means I get 15 or 20 vehicles closer to my 54-car objective, and then I let the BDC and the processes and the fantastic team we have do the rest.”

The key, of course, is that Kim is able to focus his digital dollars specifically on advertising those vehicles. When one sells, the money is dynamically reallocated back to his other live inventory.

If you’d like to hear more about how Kim helps his dealer focus on their new car objective with incentive vehicles, watch the recording today!