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Dealers are finding they’re receiving better service from new media companies.

Dealers are cutting back on traditional media, and moving more of their budgets to digital. There are plenty of good reasons for the shift. Affordability, increased precision, and the ability to understand – on a granular level – what works and what doesn’t, are just a few of the most universal.

But according to this post from Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates, there’s another motivation behind the push, and it may surprise you – at first. Many dealers feel they’re simply receiving substantially better service from new media companies. These dealers place great value on a reliable, knowledgeable, single point of contact. And with traditional media vendors, that type of relationship is increasingly rare.  

As one dealer Borrell spoke with put it, “Many digital companies I deal with now where we spend money with them feature instant access of at least one contact person available at all times-immediately via phone or email. And it's the SAME PERSON on our account. I get immediate answers, info, assistance, etc., no matter when or what it is.”

The LotLinx team of digital strategists understands the value of a dedicated single point of contact who knows your business intimately. And, they’re committed to providing customers with the expertise and level of service that enables them to make the very most of their digital spending.

To learn more, contact us about working with a LotLinx digital strategist who understands that, while technology will always evolve and media choices will continue to expand, good, old-fashioned service will never be outdated.