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Google’s latest changes are causing dealers to friend Facebook.

Google’s latest changes to its search results pages - removing right rail ads while increasing the number of paid ads above organic results - are having a significant impact on dealers’ marketing efforts.

As this article from Automotive News explains, Dealers are facing sharply increased AdWords auction competition, while also paying more for top placement. To make matters worse, traffic from organic search is decreasing.

Rather than exhaust their entire budgets trying to compete for AdWords, dealers are looking for more diverse marketing strategies, and capitalizing on the impact of savvy social media strategies. Many are finding the most effective approach is a combination of AdWords, Facebook, auto listing sites, native ads, and VIN-specific strategies.

As the article details, dealers are realizing that effective VIN-specific strategies begin with precision data on VDP viewership. Many are using the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer to obtain an in-depth understanding of which cars need additional views to sell, and then developing targeted Facebook ads just for those VINs. Facebook shoppers click directly over to the car’s VDP page, right on the dealer’s website.

While dealers aren’t abandoning Google, many are shifting more of their budget to Facebook - particularly following the recent changes. They’re finding Facebook offers additional advantages over Google, including technology that engages users, like the new Facebook Live video-streaming service.

Dealers are discovering Facebook has improved on Google in audience quality, as well. While Google’s reach is still greater, many feel Facebook is providing audiences that are more frequently looking for what they’re selling, which means their spending is having a greater impact.

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