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Is anyone actually seeing your online advertising?

AdBlockers_Hub.pngAs digital advertising becomes increasingly effective, print advertising looks more and more antiquated. Marketers are shifting more of their budgets online, leaving consumers to battle an overwhelming amount of advertising messages every time they open their browsers.


But now, some consumers are reacting. According to eMarketer, a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed that more than 25% of internet users in the US are using an ad blocker. And many of those who aren’t using one are planning to in the near future. The percentage is expected to rise to 34% this year.


Online Advertising Annoyances - Source: eMarketer.comThe research shows - perhaps surprisingly - that it’s not the sales pitch that’s pushing  consumers toward ad blockers. They’re reacting more to specific types of ads.


Messaging that block content are at the top of their no-go list, followed closely by ads that follow them down the page, auto-play video and audio ads, slow-loading ads, animation, and ads that make them feel as if they’re privacy has been violated.


It’s unlikely the move toward ad blockers will reverse itself - or even slow down - any time soon. Which means it’s vital for dealers to assess their current advertising strategies, and look for ways to stay relevant and minimize the waste.


As this post about ad blockers explains, integrating your message into content can be an effective way to ensure you’re really reaching consumers. Additionally, paying for performance, rather than for impressions, will make help ensure you’re getting your budget’s worth.


The technology surrounding digital advertising will continue to evolve. The challenge - and the opportunity - lies in finding ways to ensure that evolution works for you - not against you.