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Ad blockers are on the rise. It’s never been more important to limit waste by paying for performance.

Next year, one in five consumers will use an ad blocker. That’s a whopping 34.4% increase over last year. And that number is just going to keep climbing, due in part to the ever-expanding usage of mobile devices.

As this article from eMarketer explains, the rise of the ad blocker is impacting advertisers of all kinds. And auto dealers are no exception. All of which means smart digital marketers are making sure they’re paying for performance, not for impressions.

At a time when as much as 60% of all digital advertising spending is wasted, savvy dealers are searching for precision wherever they can find it.

One place they’re finding it - and seeing great success - is with VIN-specific strategies, also referred to (by us) as VINvertising™. This approach detects shoppers who indicate they’re nearing a purchase decision by searching for a specific make, model, and year. Then, it serves and ad featuring a car that’s an exact match, right from your inventory. With one click, the shopper is on the VDP of the car they want, and ready to take action.

Dealers are also increasing precision by analyzing which VINs on the lot are attracting views, and which need more attention to sell on time. The LotLinx VIN View OptimizerTM can analyze your inventory and determine exactly which VINs are being seen, so you can focus your budget where it’s most needed. You can obtain your own VIN View Optimizer™ report, absolutely free.  

As technology evolves, it will continue to create big challenges for digital marketers. Which means it’s never been more crucial to ensure you have the tools and strategies that help you keep up - and stay ahead. To learn more about paying for performance - and limiting wasted spend - schedule a LotLinx demo today.