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Are you focused on your most valuable Google Analytics data?

Your Google Analytics dashboard offers a wealth of detailed information. Parsing that data to determine the most effective ways to focus your digital energy - and money - can feel overwhelming. But our expert data analysts are making it easier.

The LotLinx digital strategy team has determined the nine GA goals that are most important for dealers to track, and assigned each one of them a value. As this video explains, that focus clears away the clutter, and helps you concentrate on what really works. When you know how you’re doing on each of these goals, you can weight your efforts more effectively, and optimize every dollar.

Below are the 9 Goals in Google Analytics for dealers to track, and their assigned values.

  1. New Vehicle Detail Page Views - $1
  2. Used Vehicle Detail Page View - $1
  3. CPO Vehicle Detail Page View - $1
  4. Website Lead - $20
  5. Click To Call from SRP/VDP - $20
  6. Customer Chat or Text - $15
  7. Finance Lead - $4
  8. Trade Appraisal Lead - $4
  9. View Incentive/Coupon - $3

The LotLinx VINvertising™ Dashboard makes it simple to focus on these nine vital GA goals. Think of it as a really precise x-ray machine for your site traffic, that leads to better reporting and precise goal measurement.

Our digital strategists are experts in Google Analytics, and would be happy to explain how the LotLinx VINvertising™ dashboard can help you focus in on the nine key goals. Call us at 800-625-5469, and a LotLinx digital strategist can walk you through the process, at no charge. An experienced professional is the surest way to get the most from technology.