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The Best Time to React to a Downturn Is Before It Hits


Know Your Key Business Drivers


Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a crystal ball so we can predict the future. If we did, knowing what challenges and opportunities may come in 2017 would be much simpler.


Much like any other industry, the auto industry is still prone to economic ebbs and flows. In a recent article published in Digital Dealer, John Lane, Chief Marketing Officer at LotLinx, examines how creative marketers in several major industries have managed to take advantage of the economic downturn - and even turn it into an opportunity.


John explains that, despite record sales in 2015, many carmakers are predicting additional changes losses to occur in 2017. In fact, Honda’s representatives have publicly predicted that sales will drop to roughly 16 million in 2017.


As the full article details, instead of waiting for the worst to happen, marketers are taking a different approach. As John explains,“By cultivating a thorough understanding of their key business drivers, marketers can make the adjustments needed to have an impact when spending is slow.”


How well buyers are engaging with VDP pages is a primary driver for most dealerships. LotLinx can help dealers focus their marketing dollars on the VDPs that are not receiving as much digital traffic as others. Put John’s advice into action by targeting the VINS you need to move the most with the LotLinx VVO. You’ll see engagement and traffic of individual VINs on your lot, and can clearly identify which VINs could use an extra boost.

Know your drivers, know your traffic, and be prepared for 2017. To read the full article, click here.