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Score! Mark Boyd Joins LotLinx As Vice Chairman And Chief Revenue Officer

It gives me great pleasure to announce that another auto industry icon, Mark Boyd, is joining LotLinx as Vice Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer. We could not be more proud to have him as a part of our team. Mark is yet another example in a long line of industry luminaries - like Dean Evans and Denise Chudy - who are saying that they want to spend their time here at LotLinx, building digital marketing solutions that help dealers make more money.

The reality of it is, we would literally not be where we are today without Mark Boyd. I met Mark 3 years ago through a very generous introduction. I got on the phone with Mark one day and we talked for about an hour. The next day, Mark showed up at our offices and dove right in to help. That’s just who Mark is. I can’t even begin to remember, much less list, all of the fundamental contributions he has made to our business. Mark has had an absolutely stellar career in this business. He is one of the legends in the automotive business, and we have benefited tremendously from Mark being on our Board and giving us his guidance.

Mark has tirelessly championed innovative automotive digital technologies and strategy. From his early involvement as the Founder of Chrome Data and Cargigi to his early investment and critical roles in disruptive companies like Dealix, CarGurus, TrueCar, and of course, LotLinx, Mark has had a monumental and lasting impact in all of the companies he serves.  

In truth, people just want to be around Mark. Some of them even want to BE him. Mark possesses an endlessly positive mindset and mentality, a wealth of experience, and many battle scars of wars he’s fought and won - all of which will be a great asset to LotLinx. Welcome, Mark!