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Score! Google Analytics Guru David Salinas Is Now Our VP of Business Analytics

Great news: Google Analytics guru David Salinas has joined LotLinx as our VP of Business Analytics! David is a pioneer in web analytics, and an original member of the GA team at Google. We are fortunate to have David's big brain, vast understanding of metrics that matter, and experience consulting some of the most esteemed brands in the world.

And it’s true. David is LITERALLY a data genius. Why did we hire him? So that he could bring his wealth of knowledge and reporting experience to helping our dealer customers advance their website measurement capabilities.

David didn’t start out as a data techie. Actually, he received his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at Stanford University.  Seven months after he graduated from Stanford, he started at Google as a Google Analytics Account Manager. That’s where he developed a ground-breaking, comprehensive market penetration analysis tool to measure competitive growth and participated in the launch of Google Analytics. In addition, David also trained Google staff on web measurements in Google Analytics, and he even developed a precursor to the Google Analytics IQ exam that people are taking now; rumor has it some of the same questions David developed are still being used!

To date, David has founded not one, but TWO companies: Namuco and dotReturn, so he brings an entrepreneurial perspective to LotLinx as well. His companies focused on advertising, optimizing Google Analytics conversions, and web analytics consulting. After that, he went on to work as a Web Analytics Specialist at Designory, where he received the Rookie of the Year award.  Way to go, David!  

David’s other experience includes leading analytics and digital strategy for TBWA/Chiat/Day.
And now, LotLinx.  David is truly excited by the LotLinx’s technology-and-science approach to helping dealers save Time On Lot, and we are truly excited to have him onboard as a ‘Linxer. Welcome, David!