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Removing The Roadblock On The Car Buyer’s Journey

Everything in your car dealership is designed to give the car buyer a great experience: intelligent salespeople, enticing showrooms, special deals … the list goes on. But your dealership is actually the last stage of the car buyer’s journey – so you need to ask, “What am I doing to make sure the car buyer has a great shopping experience before they get to my showroom?”

One of the biggest roadblocks that car buyers encounter on their journey is the lead form. Lead forms on third-party car sites ask for a lot of personal information. To avoid filling out lead forms, over 1,000,000 people search for specific VINs on Google every day. They want to know where the car is and if it’s still available, and find out more about the vehicle.

You can remove this roadblock for your prospective car buyers by employing deeplinking technology through LotLinx. Deeplinking connects a car shopper directly from a third-party listing or advertisement to the specific vehicle detail page (VDP) on your site for the car they want. With no roadblock in the way, shoppers will continue their car buying journey … straight to your dealership!
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