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Mobile devices go everywhere shoppers do. Make sure you’re right there with them.


What do micro-moments mean for dealers?


Smartphones are becoming an increasingly integral part of the consumer shopping process, and that includes car shopping. Consumers’ mobile devices are always with them. Which means they can research brands, compare prices, and more, from nearly anywhere, at any time.


It’s an evolution that brings with it new challenges, along with new opportunities. As this article from Think With Google explains, those opportunities take form of “micro-moments.” These are the moments when shoppers turn to their mobile devices to do one of five things: do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They’re the brief - and valuable - instants when decisions are made, and preferences shaped.


While micro-moments apply to retailing of all kinds, they have special applications for automotive marketers. Again, an article from Think With Google explains that dealers should generate an understanding of specific auto shopper “micro-moments” the growth in mobile usage has given rise to.


Let’s review three of what we feel are the most important micro-moments the auto-shopping-by-mobile-device phenomenon now offers:


The Which-Car-Is-Best Moment

Six out of 10 shoppers haven’t settled on a brand when they begin the shopping process. Shoppers turn to mobile to learn about the options, and narrow their choices. Brands that are front and center at this micro-moment are most likely to be part of the final decision.


The Where-Should-I-Buy-It Moment

One in three shoppers who use mobile during the process find or contact a dealer on their device. To ensure you’re one of the dealers a shopper finally visits, you must be easy to find on mobile.


The Am-I-Getting-A-Deal Moment

A shopper standing on a dealer’s lot can pull out a mobile device to find out if they’re really being offered the best price. Even when they’re at the moment of purchase, they can be persuaded to alter their path.


Do you feel your dealership is adequately prepared to take advantage of these micro-moments? It’s vital to ensure you’re with the consumer at every step. Otherwise, you’ll likely miss out, and, when the shopper is ready to buy, leave plenty of room in the consideration set for your competition.


You can steer more shoppers to your lot by providing the content they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it. That content may include videos and images of your inventory, dealership location, pricing, and much more. When you optimize for mobile, you optimize your chances of drawing the sale - even from the most mobile of shoppers.


To maximize the benefit micro-moments can offer, make sure your digital campaigns are earning their keep. Tools such as Google Store Visits or Store Sales can help.