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LotLinx Media’s Eric Brown knows automotive, and you’ll want to hear his forecasts for next year.


What can dealers expect in 2017?


CBT News anchor Joe Gumm sat down with Eric Brown, President of LotLinx Media Holdings, to discuss Eric’s upcoming session at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference and Expo, March 7-9 in Atlanta.


Eric’s extensive background in building high-growth companies in media, technology, and automotive verticals makes him one of the industry’s most respected experts. In this interview, conducted in anticipation of his session at the CBT conference, Eric revealed what dealers could expect to see in the 2017 sales year.


Eric forecasts softer sales throughout 2017, which means dealerships should plan to invest more advertising dollars to ensure they reach buyers. For more, watch the full video.


In his session at the conference, Eric will focus on strategies dealers can implement in 2017, including passive vs. active media, and the importance of understanding how budgets are spent in more active media environments.


If you are attending the CBT Conference in March, you won’t want to miss Eric’s session. And be sure to catch the preview interview, right now.