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Let’s Discuss: Relevant Ads

“Imagine a world where every advertisement you see is relevant to you.”

                                                                                            - Kristi Rogers, BCG

We might not be there yet, but the TED Talk, Kristi Rogers: Where are our digital ads really going? addresses how we will get to it in the future by creating more relevant ads. Digital advertising certainly already utilizes the power of using advanced targeting and retargeting in order to target people, instead of clicks. The more precise we, as advertisers, can get to the consumers who want to purchase our products, the higher the return on investment and consumer engagement will be.

But how can we get there?

Kristi advises the use of data collection and advanced mathematics to calculate campaigns. However, the challenges with doing this arise when it comes to the very high cost of hiring quantitative experts for this type of work (geniuses aren’t cheap).

The automotive digital advertising industry has been taking giant steps to accomplish advanced targeting like never before, constantly fine-tuning strategies to keep the campaigns that work and ditch the ones that don’t. Watch the full TED talk here.