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Let's Discuss: People-Based Marketing

Often we as advertisers can find ourselves marketing to what we are guessing is our audience, instead of knowing for sure. Though web-based cookies have been the go-to in the past for audience targeting, they aren’t effective when it comes to targeting the same person across multiple devices. This is why dealers need to move towards  “people-based marketing,” a practice that Signal describes as knowing exactly who your advertisements are targeting (read: how LotLinx targets shoppers instead of clicks).

If people-based marketing is something new or unfamiliar to you, you aren’t alone - eMarketer recently reported that only one-third of senior advertisers are well-familiar with the concept, while 48% recognized that the demand for this practice is increasing. Another definition of people-based marketing comes from Atlas Solutions (now owned by Facebook), who define it as “customizing ad content and delivery to the habits of modern consumers.”

No matter how familiar you find yourself with people-based advertising, trends are definitely suggesting that it’s here to stay. Access the full report here.