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Let’s Discuss: Micro-Moments

With 88% of car buyers using the internet to shop, it is now more important than ever to make sure your dealership is optimized for online searches. Google has found that today’s online car shoppers are experiencing the internet in a series of “micro-moments,” instead of spending more time browsing before making a purchase decision.

This means they might not take the time to do a second search after finding their desired vehicle on a third-party site to find your dealership. The internet has become a source for immediate search results providing solutions to our shoppers’ problems (for example, needing to find a new car). If they are on-the-go, they are going to search on mobile, and they expect the same levels of satisfaction with their search results on mobile as they experience on any other device.

Expectations are high to be able to instantly find exactly what they are searching for before the micro-moment passes, and then they move on to the next opportunity. Access the full report here.