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For Increased Car Sales, Capture More Mobile Traffic

Capture More Mobile_Hub.pngCar buyers are going mobile… on mobile devices, that is! Year over year, mobile traffic continues to increase, which means that if you don’t provide a great mobile experience on your car dealership’s website, you’re missing out on both car shoppers and car sales.

But a great mobile experience goes far beyond simply having a “mobile-friendly” website. It means truly optimizing your site for mobile traffic: tailoring your site so that users have a unique experience depending on the device they are using.


For instance, consider your lead forms. You are undoubtedly tracking all lead form completions on your site. But are you comparing the conversion rates of your lead form completions based on device? If you do, you are probably seeing a significantly lower lead form completion rate for mobile devices compared to desktop users. Why? It’s frustrating to complete forms on a mobile device. The solution? Replace the lead form with a prominent “Text us now” option or a mobile click to call button.


Speaking of mobile click to call, that is an option you absolutely need if you want to deliver a great experience to mobile users. With one click, car shoppers who have their eye on a vehicle can call you directly. There’s no better lead than that!


Then there’s the matter of finding you … not finding you online, but finding your physical dealership. You can’t sell cars unless people step onto your lot! With that in mind, make sure your physical address is located on all your vehicle detail pages (VDPs). If you force a user to leave a VDP to try to find where your dealership is located, you are distracting his or her focus from the car being considered and risk losing a potential sale.

Remember, every action and interaction on your site contributes to a mobile user’s experience with your dealership – and affects his or her inclination to buy a car from you. Make that experience a great one!


Learn more by watching this video: