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How will social media opportunities evolve in the coming year?




While it’s only been in mainstream use for a few years, social media has already had an enormous impact on the way we all communicate. And that definitely includes marketers.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the many other social media platforms are now a significant element of media and marketing communications. And they continue to evolve, improve, and expand - quickly. So, what developments should we prepare for in 2017?


This article from eMarketer takes a peek into the future and highlights some specific areas they believe will generate interest, and have an impact marketers’ plans for the year. Here are two areas we found particularly pertinent.




Marketers seeking to determine the specific impact their online and social activities will want to pay attention to new tools being developed by Facebook and Google, the clear leaders in delineating online-to-offline attribution.


Monetization of live streaming video

The major social and video platforms, along with traditional television networks and publishers, will provide an increasing number of options for marketers, leaving them with an extensive range of choices to consider.



While we can’t predict the future with certainty, we do know that social media platforms will continue to offer new opportunities in the coming year. Analyzing the offerings, and determining which ones are appropriate and effective additions to your overall strategy, is a discipline no automotive marketer can afford to ignore. For more details, and additional insights, read the full article.