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Facebook Crushes It…Why You, As A Car Dealer, Should Care

Reach. Mobile. Ads.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.55.25 AM

This week, Facebook stunned the market with their Q4 earning release, when they reported revenues of $5.64B. All revenue was from ads, and 80% was mobile.


65% of us look at Facebook at least once a day. We spend an average of 20 minutes a day sifting through posts in our feed. 47% of us only login from a mobile device. Clearly Facebook has great reach and engagement.


More importantly for you, as a dealer, Facebook offers an extremely targeted advertising platform. I’m not talking about brand pages, likes, etc. I’m referring to the ads you see on the right side of the page or within your feed.


Ever wonder why those ads seem to speak specifically to you, as a consumer? Well, that’s because Facebook knows your likes, interests, where you live, and much more. We all readily give Facebook all of this information with the explicit actions we take when engaging within our feed.


My team was recently invited to participate in an automotive summit at Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley. It was there that the Facebook folks pleasantly told the group that Facebook knows more about your likes and intent than even your significant other or best friend.


As a result, Facebook has an effective advertising targeting platform. And you should be considering that platform to find your next up.


Here at LotLinx, we integrated Facebook over a year ago, and it has become an important competitive advantage.  We have engineered advanced and proprietary targeting and conversion technologies specifically for Facebook. LotLinx delivers outstanding performance with high-engagement, low-funnel shopping interactions for auto dealers.   In the days and months ahead, many will be jumping on the Facebook bandwagon promising cheap traffic...as always, Car dealers need to proceed with caution.


The key to success is NOT the cost of traffic, but the true cost and quality of conversion that lead to sales.  LotLinx has solved this on behalf of our car dealers.


If the idea of learning yet another digital tool is daunting to you, I have good news. Lotlinx has Facebook built in.  Now you can easily take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer, without doing the heavy lifting.   Call us- we’ll be happy to show you how to get out ahead of your competition with Facebook.
POWER to the dealer.