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Chart a Direct Path to Your VDPs

“Lead farms.” That is what Doug Wilson, President and CEO of the Wilson Auto Group in Mississippi and Tennessee, calls third-party search sites. If it sounds like Doug is a bit skeptical of these sites’ long-term value, it’s because he is. He states, “I think there’s a place for Autotrader and Cars.com – I’m still spending money with them – but it’s becoming less and less. In my opinion, the use of third-party sites is going to continue to decrease because none of those third-party sites really has what consumers are interested in, and that is real cars that are really for sale.” That last phrase is the key: “real cars Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.14.06 PMthat are really for sale.”

Doug has zeroed in on what all car dealerships want … to expose potential customers directly to the actual cars sitting in inventory. To chart a direct path to appropriate vehicle description pages (VDPs). For that purpose, Doug became a LotLinx customer in the spring of 2015. With LotLinx’s VIN-specific re-targeting, DougScreen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.10.36 PM has seen his VDP views soar. He has increased sales velocity by as much as 93% in one month, and saved more than $10,000 in inventory holding costs per month. Doug is very clear about the value of VDP views. The more you can generate, he is convinced, the more cars you can sell. “When you can draw attention to a specific automobile, and a  consumer can click on that and get into 27 different photos, an exciting description of the car, payment calculator, trade-in calculator, and a way to get more information or to find out price, trade allowance, payment, down payment, availability – that’s the approach consumers want, and I think that’s the approach that sells more cars.” He concluded, “LotLinx is helping drive shoppers to my website, not just visitors.” Find out more by reading the full story here.

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